About Joey Herald


Thanks for visiting my site. I am a unique blend of most things you could want in a Realtor. I am a local boy, having been born and raised in McKinney. I live in Allen and serve on the City Council, making my knowledge of the community second to none.

I have an equally unique way of doing business. The biggest complaint from homeowners is that the amount of work is rarely equal to the commissions paid. And I will grant that is sometimes the case. I will also assure you that many times a Realtors efforts go completely unrewarded. Thus, you see Realtors rarely apologize for the times they make more than their efforts may have merited. In short, good clients end up paying the agents to make up for the bad clients.

My way of doing business is Real Estate by the HOUR. Pay for the service and not by the value of your home. I can save you thousands of dollars on every transaction. Call me today at 469-583-3538 to get all the details.

Joey Herald, Broker/Owner

FindingaHouse.com LLC

(469) 583-3538


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